About US

Furniture Mart India manufactures exclusive home products. On August 1st 2011, we manufactured a small sofa. Customer didn’t like and we didn’t either . However the customer watched our back as we built him something spectacular..stunning .

Over the last six months, we have sold over 1000 different products to different parts of the country. We will build a rocket one day- India’s kind.

Delivery Delay Happens when suddenly we get large orders on a single day. Please understand we focus on quality first.

If you want your products before a particular date, please confirm before placing the order.

  • “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” ― Aristotle
  • Rome was not built in a single day

And likewise, I had to wait for five years before my girlfriend finally said YES to our marriage . The pursuit to happyness was long – Founder, Furniture Mart India

100% genuinity. You won’t regret giving us your trust


Mumbai Transport Location : 23, Shree Rajlaxmi Logistics Park Opp and bypass Police Chocky , Bhiwandi-Nasik Bypass Naka , Village Vadpe.Taluka Bhiwandi  , Bhiwandi


Contact : Rohan ( manager) : +91-9930069346

Rahul (Asst Manager) : +91-9702231071


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